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Over 40 Years of Combined Experience

Represented over 10,000 Claimants

About Us

 Mike Walker is a former Tennessee State Senator who began his law practice in 1984. His son Johnny Walker has followed in his dad's footsteps. They have represented more than 10,000 Social Security claimants and their families. Their success rate is among the highest of all disability attorneys and/or advocates. They represent individuals with both physical and/or mental impairments.

Unlike other Disability Attorneys, Mike & Johnny will take your claim from the beginning, midway, or even if you already have a hearing scheduled.  You are not even required to go to the Social Security Office. Most importantly, they Guarantee that one of them will represent you in court. You will not be passed off to someone that has little, or no, experience in handling Social Security Claims.  


Mary Garner

"Mr Walker and his staff are amazing. They're all very knowledgeable and get the job done. I would recommend them with the highest of confidence." 

Frankie Pierce

"Mike Walker is an excellent attorney. This was my final chance to win my social security claim as I had applied twice before and was denied. Each time I used different attorneys. This time I decided to give Mike a try and I am so grateful I did! He personally handled my case and went through tons of medical records to find proof that other attorneys had missed. I won my appeal hearing and was awarded my benefits. I am so grateful for Mike!!"

Kristen Oliver

"Mike & Johnny Walker are both great! They spend a great deal of time working for you to get you the best possible outcome for your case. They aren't like some of the other local attorneys that promise you the world then toss you a first-year rookie attorney or paralegal and never actually speak with you. One of them will represent you. They are also very genuine people, which is hard to come by when searching for attorneys!!" 

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Nashville Office

1020 16th Ave South, Nashville, Tennessee 37212, United States

(615) 832-2150 FAX: (615) 833-5394


Clearwater Office

3400 Gulf Blvd, Belleair Beach, Florida 33786

(727) 437-7577 FAX: (877) 529-6453


Jamestown Office

107 N. Main St., Jamestown, Tennessee 38556

(931) 879-8008 FAX: (931) 879-1023